DynDB Licensing


  • DynDB has an immediate or short ROI due to the saving on Oracle licensing and ongoing Maintenance/Support costs
    • Reduction of required licenses including future Maintenance costs
    • Or due to no/reduced need to buy new Oracle licenses in the future
    • Or DB vendor consolidation using freed Oracle Licenses
    • Benefit: Shrink DBs to expand critical DBs as needed according to your seasonality
  • DB and Infrastructure Consolidation
    • +50% consolidation ratio is typical coming from a dedicated Server infrastructure
    • Fewer Servers, DC space, Power, Ports, associated SW Tools, etc,
  • Reduced Headcount due to end to end automation
    • DB, Server, Storage Admins discharged from stupid manual efforts
    • Faster break & fix due to enforced DB and DB Infrastructure standards, 100% repeatable processes
    • DynDB integrated documentation
  • Optimize Business support
    • DBs in Minutes rather than days, weeks or even longer
    • Puts DBaaS changes to your fingertips
    • Imagine how long it takes your team to alter a DB to a Rac DB – With DynDB you are done in 30 minutes without any manual interaction!

DynDB license metric

  • No costly entry points. Start from one license, in simple words a pure linear licensing model
  • Metric count: Physical Core
    • Cores that utilized by Oracle DBs managed by DynDB
    • Example:DB Server Cluster with 128 Cores: One DB using 1 Core = 1 DynDB license
  • Functionality
    • All functionality included
    • Optional
      • DB Upgrade, Migrate, Patch functionality
      • DB Monitoring functionality

Perpetual DynDB License

  • Advantages
    • More cost efficient
    • One time investment
    • Maintenance, Support ongoing, only

Annual Subscription DynDB License

  • Advantages
    • Max. 12 month commitment
    • Good for Public DBaaS where Oracle licensed on a 12 month term
  • Disadvantage
    • Slightly more expensive than perpetual

Monthly/Quarterly Pay-Per-Use DynDB License

  • Advantages
    • Max. 1 month commitment
    • Good for Public DBaaS as real monthly, quarterly average used Cores counted
  • Disadvantage
    • Slightly more expensive than subscription
    • Effort metering/billing
DynDB Licensing April 12, 2016