Mission Technical Specification

Requirements to run Mission Software

Mission is an lightweight Java Application that scales from a Raspberry Pi up to environments with +60.000 node

  • CPU min 1 Core
  • RAM: 16GB
  • HD: 500GB
  • OS: Windows, Linux, Unix all 64-Bit
  • DB: PostgreSQL from 8.4.and BlazeGraph (Semantic Triple Store)
  • Java: Java SDK version 1.6 or higher
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 17, Adobe Flash player 11.7.


Event Management and Notifications

Discovery and Provisioning

Service Monitoring

Data Collection

Performance data collection exists in OpenNMS for a number of network protocols including SNMP, HTTP, JMX, WMI, XMP, XML, NSClient, and JDBC.

Data can be collected, stored, graphed as well as checked against thresholds.

The process is highly scalable, and one instance of OpenNMS is collecting 1.2 million data points via SNMP every five minutes


Mission offer two options

  1. Use integrated OTRS
  2. Use your existing Ticketing – Mission provides a number of ready to run integrations

DynDB provides a powerful Data Integration and Data Management Framework. It supports seamless integration and real end to end automation that relys on data ressources such als CRM, ITM Tools, ERP, etc.

Data Import and Mapping

Daten Provider Support Level

  • RDF Import GA
  • Virtualized RDF Integration GA
  • RDBMS via JDBC und R2RML GA
  • Excel, CSV, TSV GA
  • Generic Scripts (remote, SSH, etc.) GA
  • NoSQL DB Supported

Open Data

Open Data Provider Support Level

  • CKAN Repository GA
  • Linked Open Data  (SPARQL Endpoints) GA

Social Media/Web

Social Media Provider Support Level

  • LinkedIn GA
  • Facebook GA
  • Twitter GA
  • GoogleMaps GA

Relational Databaes

Database Support Level

  • MySQL GA
  • H2 GA
  • Oracle GA*
  • DB2 LUW und Mainfraime GA*
  • MS SQL GA*
  • Postgres GA*
  • S/4HANA Supported

Data Enrichement

Provider for Data Enrichements

  • Apache Stanbol GA
  • Luxid Supported

Mission is using agents for deep service analysis and monitoring. You can develop own agents as well. Mission offers a distribution mechanism for updated agents. Zero touch as updates are automatically provisioned and started

Value add Agents

  • Oracle DB
  • PostgreSQL
  • JITplant
Mission technical Specification April 15, 2016