Mission Licensing

Mission ROI

  • Mission is an Enterprise grade IT Management Solutions at an Open Source price point
    • Very cost effektive through Open Source usage
    • openNMS being much more efficient than the Nagios based rivals
  • Reduced Headcount due to a high level of automation
    • Auto Discovery keeps your ITM uninterrupted on IT changes where other (E.g. Nagios need manual configuration, always)
    • Automated Event Enrichement, Event filtering, Event distribution
    • More automation on Notifications, Ticketing
    • Delivers the right events with the right level and depth of information rather than event storms. Every acknowledged event costs money

Mission maintenance subscription metric

  • No costly entry points. Start from one license, in simple words a pure linear licensing model
  • Metric count: Nodes
    • Anything that has an IP Adress and is not:
      • PC
      • NW Device
  • Functionality
    •  All functionality included


  • 12 x 5
  • 24 x 7


  • 1 year minimum
Mission Licensing April 15, 2016