DynDB Technical Specification

Requirements to run DynDB Software

DynDB is an lightweight Java Application. It comes with a pre-installed In-Memory semantic triple store (Sesame, other Triple Stores possible also)

  • Installer Size: ~250 MB, Windows Installer, DynDB runs as Windows Service
  • CPU (Cores/MHz): 2 vCPU (1GHz minimum reservation)
  • RAM: 16GB
  • HD: OS-Disk (min. 30GB) + Installation disk (min. 50GB) (Disk holds periodic DB dumps)
  • OS: 64-bit Windows Server
  • Java: Current Java Framework installed
  • Network Services (e.g. DNS/NTP/SMTP/etc.): SMTP required for Mail alerting,
  • Firewall Ports: https/443, http/80
  • Number of IP address required: 1 per network (e.g. if separate management, storage networks are used)
  • User Authentication can be local or via LDAP query to an Active Directory or LDAP
  • Triple Store: Sesame (Pre-installed), alternatives are:
    • Blazegraph (E.g. for extreme scalability, scales beyond +1 Trillion Edges)
    • Oracle Spatial and Graph
    • Ontotext GraphDB

To achieve Oracle DBaaS granular licensing, so called Hard Partitioning is required
To allow maximal flexiblity and isolation DynDB utilizes Hard Partitioning using VMs

DynDB supported Hypervisors for Hard Partitioning

  • x86: Oracle VM 3.x
  • SPARC: Oracle VM

For granular licensing Oracle support even more Hard Partitionings – In case of interest pls. contact us:

  • Physical Domains
  • Solaris Zones
  • vPar, nPar
  • HP Integrity Virtual Machines
  • Fujitsu PPAR

DynDB DB OS and DB Versions supported

DynDB provides a full end to end automation including the OS therefore DynDB supports the commonly used OSs

  • OS DB is running on
    • Solaris SPARC & x86
    • Red Hat Linux
    • Oracle Linux
  • Oracle DB Versions
    • 11g
    • 12c
    • Support Strategy: 2 rolling version

If you require anything else, pls. contact us

DynDB holds a general purpose IaaS Framework thus not limited to Oracle DBaaS, following you see the full supported infrastructures

Hypervisor Provider, Support Level

  • Oracle VM SPARC & x86
  • VMware vSphere, GA
  • Xen, GA
  • KVM, GA
  • OpenStack, GA*
  • SCVMM (Hyper-V), GA*
  • Citrix XenServer, Supported
  • Parallels, Supported
  • Docker, Supported

Converged Infrastructures

  • Vblock GA
  • FlexPod GA
  • vShape GA*

Physical Blade Provider, Support Level

  • Cisco UCS GA
  • HP c-Class GA*
  • Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX GA*
  • Generic IPMI GA*
  • HP iLO Supported

Public Cloud Provider, Support Level

  • Amazon EC2 GA*
  • Microsoft Azure GA*
  • Verizon CloudSwitch GA*
  • VMware vCloud Air GA*
  • Virtustream Supported

Storage Provider, Support Level

  • Generic SMI-S Provider GA
  • NetApp GA
  • Fujitsu Eternus GA*
  • HP EVA GA*
  • HP 3PAR GA*
  • IBM XIV Supported
  • Oracle ZFS Supported
  • EMC Atmos Supported
  • EMC VPLEX Supported

Netzwerk Provider, Support Level

  • Generic SNMP Devices GA
  • Cisco Nexus GA
  • Cisco Catalyst GA
  • Citrix NetScaler GA
  • Brocade IP GA*
  • Brocade SAN GA*
  • HP ProCurve GA*

DynDB provides a powerful Data Integration and Data Management Framework. It supports seamless integration and real end to end automation that relys on data ressources such als CRM, ITM Tools, ERP, etc.

Data Import and Mapping

Daten Provider Support Level

  • RDF Import GA
  • Virtualized RDF Integration GA
  • RDBMS via JDBC und R2RML GA
  • Excel, CSV, TSV GA
  • Generic Scripts (remote, SSH, etc.) GA
  • NoSQL DB Supported

Open Data

Open Data Provider Support Level

  • CKAN Repository GA
  • Linked Open Data  (SPARQL Endpoints) GA

Social Media/Web

Social Media Provider Support Level

  • LinkedIn GA
  • Facebook GA
  • Twitter GA
  • GoogleMaps GA

Relational Databaes

Database Support Level

  • MySQL GA
  • H2 GA
  • Oracle GA*
  • DB2 LUW und Mainfraime GA*
  • MS SQL GA*
  • Postgres GA*
  • S/4HANA Supported

Data Enrichement

Provider for Data Enrichements

  • Apache Stanbol GA
  • Luxid Supported

Application Discovery and Monitoring
Application Provider Support Level

  • SAP GA
  • Agentless Network Discovery GA
  • Agent based J2EE Discovery GA
  • Generic Script Provider GA

BPMN/Workflow Provider, Support Level

  • Activiti GA
  • Automic GA*

Identity and Access Management
IAM Provider Support Level

  • LDAP/Active Directory GA
  • Microsoft ADFS GA
  • Oracle Identity and Access Management GA*

DevOps Tools

Daten Provider Support Level

  • Bugzilla GA
  • JIRA GA*
  • Icinga/Nagios GA*
  • TOPDesk GA*
  • USU Valuemation GA*

Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC)

Daten Provider Support Level

  • Microsoft SharePoint GA*
  • IBM Tivoli Request Manager GA*
  • IBM Rational Suite GA*
  • Salesforce GA*
  • HP Quality Center (Mercury) Supported
  • CA Clarity Supported
  • HP Application Lifecycle Management Supported

Integration is key to achieve a true DBaaS without any human intervention

DynDB is easily and rapidly integrated with 3rd party systems

  • Due to the semantic Datamodell that holds external data as well
  • Due to the ability to customize INSIDE DynDB using the SDK that packages your customizations like an App on top of DynDB
  • All DynDB functionality is exposed via API
  • DynDB supports REST, SOAP, XML as well as CLI

Easy access to API/SDK documentation

  • Just type select https://<localhost>:50443/apidoc and also a Sample can be downloaded https://<localhost>:50443/client.zip
  • SDK includes a prepared Eclipse development environment that. It also takes care that your customizings are packaged as DynDB Apps
DynDB technical Specification April 12, 2016